And so ends a love affair…

Not long ago, I wrote about an ever-increasing headache, thumping away in the back of my skull, courtesy of our country’s politicians. I mentioned the madness of today’s politics – the ridiculous, inexplicable abandonment of thought and reason in our political process. What I didn’t write about was the equally agonizing exposure to what has become standard for many of those who look to us for our support and our vote – petty, venomous, fear-based messages, washing over and through each of us, day after day, in every possible medium. 

And while that topic could fill volumes, it does bring me to another question: How do you reconcile those messages with a politician’s primary goal? In other words, if politicians campaign to become leaders, and most campaigns have only a cursory relationship with anything resembling decency, what kind of leadership do most of them demonstrate throughout the process? Are they the kind of leader we want?

So, when it’s clear a politician is also a leader, I find it absolutely tragic to lose them because they can’t keep their fly closed.

So long, John Edwards.


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