Beauty, expectations, and my daughter

Dove has an ad running now called, “Esteem Workshops.” You’ve probably seen it; a barrage of images flash across the screen in front of a young girl; models, tight bodies, bras, cheerleaders, etc. The camera then tightens in on her young, solemn face and copy fades into the screen reading, “Girls are under more pressure than ever.” The spot then introduces the dove self-esteem fund. It’s a project designed to help girls develop positive self-esteem and body image.

This weekend, as I sat on the couch, one leg stretched out to make sure my daughter (now just over one) didnt’ hurl herself off the pillows into the abyss, I saw this ad. I’d seen it before, but as I sat there with my daughter giggling away, pushing at my leg, and looking for an escape route, the spot took on more meaning than it had in the past.

Google reports each of us is exposed to roughly 3,000 ads each day. That’s 3,000 opportunities each day for my daughter to be wounded on a level much deeper than a bumped head or scraped knee. That just won’t do. If you have a daughter, or a niece, or are in some way part of a girl’s life, I encourage you to check it out. You can find the homepage here.

Need a starting point? Try the video below. This has been around a while, but it never fails to make me shake my head in wonder…


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