But first, an apology…

Let me begin, for those of you who don’t know me, by saying I am wholly, completely, and unashamedly Democrat. If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’re no doubt thinking, no kidding, but I wanted to start there.

And while I’m a Democrat, for reasons I can’t explain, it seems the bulk of my friends are ardent Republicans. It’s a mystery. We feel differently, strongly differently, on countless issues; from national defense to abortion, religion and government to gun control, we tend to wind up on opposite sides of the fence.

But we, all of us, respect each other for what lives underneath those beliefs. The basic goodness and kindness that drew us to one another in the first place. At the the end of the day, we can kick back on a patio, raise our glasses to one another, and be content that this divergence in thought and belief is a strength in our friendship, and in our country.

For those reasons, and many more, it was important to me that I watch not only the Democratic convention, but the Republican as well. In fact, just a few minutes ago Senator McCain finished his speech – powerfully, I might add – and he and the rest of the campaign waved to the audience as the convention came to a close.

I’ll start putting my thoughts together about the messages from both conventions in the coming days, but tonight I want to say I’m sorry. I want to apologize to those at the convention, and my Republican friends mentioned above, for the complete lack of respect, dignity, and basic fucking courtesy displayed by folks I can only assume are disgruntled Democrats at the convention tonight.

I believe in free speech. I believe in the right, and the responsibility, to protest. But tonight a Presidential nominee stood in front of an audience of millions, and while trying to share his vision for a better America, was interrupted with taunts and, ironically, peace signs. He deserved better.


One comment

  1. OH MY GAWD! I must stop reading this blog now…you are a democrat! HAHA! I’m more along the side of an independant than either party.

    I did hear Ron complaining about those people also. He has watched both conventions also…


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