A weekend introduction

Next weekend, my wife, daughter, and I are heading out of town to visit family. No question, it’s always a great time hanging with the fam, but I am a bit bummed about taking off that particular weekend.

First, UT is playing Arkansas. And while it’s a game that’s certainly not going to be a nail-biter, it should amount to some solid entertainment. Second, and far more important, next weekend is the ACL Music Festival. For anyone outside the Austin area, ACL stands for Austin City Limits. It’s a very cool weekend-long jam with a ton of acts playing across multiple stages.

Now then, ACL normally seems to fall on a weekend where the temparture tops out somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 degrees and everyone wades through muck from hoses and other things far too nasty to get into here. The heat and the stink are absolutely awful, but the music makes it worth it. This year Austin has cooled down a bit thanks to the same cold front that redirected Ike, so this year we’ve got great bands and great weather. And I’m out of town.

So, for anyone staying in town that weekend, I’d like to turn you on to a band my brother-in-law introduced to me. Iron and Wine. They’ll be playing on Saturday and if you can make the show I promise you won’t regret it. I’ve added two of their videos below; the first is “Naked as we came” and the second is “Boy with a coin.” Enjoy.


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