The subtle art of turning a negative into a positive

Or, politics as usual…

It was reported today that Senator McCain did an unusual thing – he reached out to Senator Obama, suggested they suspend their campaigns, cancel the debate, and travel to Washington to lend their help getting this financial crisis under control.

Wow. Talk about a win-win for the McCain camp. If Senator Obama agrees, Senator McCain reinforces his image of the maverick who’ll walk across the aisle when he needs to, as well as looking like one heck of a great guy in general. A real leader – you know, country first. If Obama refuses, well, Senator McCain did all he could to get away from politics during our nation’s time of need and those liberal, left-wing, unpatriotic Democrats clearly care more about winning an election than they do taking care of our country.


Remember – both Senators McCain and Obama have been shaking hands and chatting in diners during the bulk of meaningful discussion and debate over the 700 Billion pound gorilla one of their administrations is probably going to inherit. And, because of their absence, they’ve both lost the opportunity to be on any of the committees that will have a real impact on if, when, and how the bailout legislation is to be formed. One more thing – and I don’t mean this disrespectfully – but Senator McCain has been quoted that he has a less-than-stellar understanding of the nuances of our country’s economics. Just how much help is he going to be?

Today is Wednesday. President Bush, and his advisors, have asked Congress to have this legislation dialed-out by Friday. It doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, thankfully, but the point is this: if this crisis, the unprecedented legislation to end it, or that legislation’s potentially massive impact on the majority of American citizens were really a priority, I’m thinking they might have tried to make it down to Washington earlier in the week. I’m just sayin’.

The McCain camp can make whatever claims they want – this is still politics as usual. 

photo by Mike Johnston



  1. The way I see it is, if Obama would have just come out and said ‘I think we do need to go to Washington’. He would have taken away all McCain’s glory right then and this entire thing would be a wash. Is Senator McCain playing politics as usual? Isn’t that what both candidates have been doing thus far? I really want a third choice.


  2. Ron,
    Thanks for the comment! Not sure what the impact would have been had Obama agreed right off the bat. I think there’s a big possibility it would have played out Obama was just following McCain’s lead because he had no choice, but perhaps you’re right. But, for me, the real issue is that they’ve both been playing politics instead of looking out for American people as a whole. Again, had this been an actual priority for them they wouldn’t have waited until today to start working on the legislation…


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