Debate, part one

Lots to think and talk about Friday’s debate, but because work over the next few days is going to be a bear I’ll probably be limited to this until Wednesday or so. Also, I’ve made a point not to watch or read any commentary on the debate until I can get some independent thoughts down, so forgive me if I’m repeating anything.

Although the idea that of one of the candidates wins a debate and one loses it has always seemed a bit weird to me, I think Senator Obamba came across as more prepared, knowledgeable, confident, etc. In a word, he seemed more “presidential.” If nothing else, he was able to actually engage Senator McCain face to face as Jim Lehrer requested. McCain just couldn’t seem to bring himself to look Obama in the eye and get into a dialogue. Not sure why. But everyone is going to see “presidential” through their own lens, so I’d love to get your feelings on the matter.

Let’s start with your input – did you come away from this knowing more than you did before? If so, what?



  1. I will be happy to give you an independent view.  I thought both candidates were lacking for the most part. Mostly I heard the same thing I’ve been hearing.  As far as Obama, I thought he did well on the economy except for one question that neither of them really answered.  Even though I have been slightly leaning for McCain, I was impressed with Obama’s knowledge on economic issues.  I was pretty impressed when McCain started rattling off countries and heads of state that I never knew existed.  All in all I thought it was pretty much a draw.  I think Obama was better when it came to economic issues, but thought Mc Cain did better on foreign policy.  Of course there are some who say all Obama had to do was not screw up.  So if you look at it in that light I guess Obama won.  As far as looking “presidential”, Obama looked board and McCain kinda looked like he had to take a crap.   I am still not a 100% sure on who I am voting for though.

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