Change, part one

One of the greatest things about the human condition, in my mind, is our ability to actually reinvent ourselves.  Sure, my psychology experience is pretty much limited to my (strongly believed) theory that at some point, every young woman in college is a psychology major, but that is what it is. I truly believe the ability to change things about ourselves is one of our most wonderful and powerful traits.  

Of course, the real trick is doing it. I was turned on to this Alan Deutschman article a while back that does a really good job of breaking down just how difficult it is, but the important thing to remember is, regardless of our success rate, the ability to do so remains.

How liberating is that?

While the article primarily focuses on this idea as applied to health and business, it certainly speaks to the much more general idea of personal change.

A side note – my wife and I, for reasons I can’t possibly explain, are addicted to “The Biggest Loser.” If we had to endure the full two hours of sappy, mind-numbing crying, hugging, and yelling it might be a different story, but thanks to our trusty DVR we can turn a painful two hours into a really enjoyable 45 minutes. Think about the folks on The Biggest Loser when you read the section on Radical Change in the article above.  

At any rate, I was talking about personal change. A big one for me happened shortly after I left the Marines when I sat down for a smoke with another waiter between shifts. That story comes next.

Photo courtesy of A-ha. FYI, if you haven’t seen the video for “Take on Me” (pictured above) do yourself a favor – check it out. It’s an 80’s thing, but DAMN, it’s cool. Next, if you’re feeling daring, rent Altered States and see the inspiration for the video.


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