Vegas, day one

So, it’s now somewhere around hour 12 of this Vegas trip, and I’m now sitting in my hotel room because a somewhat overzealous bouncer refused to let me in a club. Yeah. How happy am I about this? On one hand, I understand. I was, or am, wearing tennis shoes. And if it’s a shwanky kind of club with a dress code, I get the hesitation. On the other hand, the group I was with just sat down and spent almost $900 on our meal at the restaurant the club operates within. I’m thinking a grand should offer some degree of leniency. And, c’mon, this is Vegas; we’re not talking black tie kind of affairs.

So here I sit.

The great thing about this situation is I actually took a few notes down during the meal for the express purpose of this blog. The group I was with, wonderful folks though they may be, thought I was nuts every time I pulled out a pen and paper, but so be it.

And, since fate, kismet, or an irritating bouncer has seen to it I’m sitting here writing instead of dancing and getting my groove-on with a Marlboro and a glass of Cabernet, I should probably jot down the high points of dinner.

First and foremost – if you ever get the opportunity to eat at Tao, you really, really need to do so. It’s primarily sushi, so I understand if there’s some hesitation. That being said – wow. This place rules. It’s the second time I’ve dined at a Tao; the first was in New York, and the bill that time was almost $5000. I’m not kidding. But, since I didn’t pay for it, I can easily say it was well worth the check.

At any rate, thoughts about tonight. The first thought was this: I’m uncertain exactly when this occurred, but what’s going on with America and water? When I was a kid we used to drink water from the hose when we were playing outside and be more than content. It was cold, it was wet, and we were happy. Tonight, we had four ‘bottles’ of water that cost around $14 a piece. Now, again, I didn’t pay for it, but c’mon. Really? It reminded me of A clockwork Orange where the trio sat in a Milk Bar. I wonder how much a nice pint of milk cost them.

Beyond that, however, the meal was divine. Two things you absolutely must try if you go are the Chilean Sea Bass and the massive fortune cookie desert. The Sea Bass is beyond exquisite. I don’t care if you abhor fish – this stuff will melt in your mouth. The desert is pretty much as described as above – it’s a huge friggin fortune cookie. One side is filled with vanilla cream and the other chocolate. The staff ensures there’s enough fortunes for everyone. Mine (exactly what a blogger wants to hear) was this: Confucious say: man who speaks loudly risks finding his foot in mouth. Great.

photo by markhillary


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