Can I fluff your ice?

Or, how to meet Jay Leno.

The annual DMA event ended this year with the Echo Awards. It’s a high-end ceremony awarding effective, innovative direct and interactive marketing campaigns. Sounds like a pretty big ‘yawn’ if you’re not in marketing, but I am, so I was pretty jazzed. And, this year’s event was hosted by Jay Leno, so that was something to look forward to, as well.

Some of the winning campaigns were absolutely inspired. Jay Leno was pretty funny. The desert was incredible. But nothing, nothing, was more entertaining than the antics of two of our guys. About halfway through the show our table was getting pretty parched so T and D (both Hispanic – and I mention this due to its relevance) stood up, grabbed a tray from the a table by the wall, and sauntered back through the staff entrance. It seems they spoke with the bartender in the service bar for a few minutes, using a ridiculously heavy ‘mes-i-can’ accent, and fabricated a tale of VIPs and big tips. Shortly afterwards they returned with two trays of booze. Unbelievable.

But the best was later…

Right near the end of the show, both guys stood up, grabbed trays and bottled water, and walked up on the stage (15 feet from Jay Leno and the winners of the final event) and moved to the wing. Apparently, security was there and started freaking out at them both.

T, what a fantastically quick thinker, actually started fluffing up the ice in a bin right there and told security they had been sent up to clean up. He then handed D a bag of trash from a can also right there and told him to get rid of it. Security yelled at them for being idiots and walking onto the stage but then shook his head and stomped away.

And that’s when Jay Leno came down.

T quit fluffing, D dropped the trash, and they asked Jay for a photo. Of course, he agreed, and now we’ll never hear the end of it.  

Funny stuff…


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