A difference in expectations, addendum

So, there seems to be a bit of confusion with the last couple of posts. Because a good friend of mine took me to task for my lack of clarity I thought I’d make a quick post rather than continuing the comment thread.

While it quickly became political, the real point of the two posts was simply an observation about how the goals of these two groups seem to differ and how clear that difference was when I had the chance to attend both functions. 

The secondary thought was more of question – how do these goals impact a parent’s politics? In this election, as Ron quite correctly pointed out, the difference isn’t as clear as it normally is. Senator McCain has voted for additional funding for research and has sent a written request to President Bush to lift restrictions on funding for embryonic stem cell reserach. And, he’s done both counter to his party’s platform.


I think we all remember the about-face former President Clinton did when it came to his campaign promise of lifting the ban on gays in the military. Perhaps not quite a bait and switch; President Clinton certainly didn’t deliver on his promise. Don’t ask, don’t tell, indeed.

If Senator McCain is elected, what will he do? Keep his promise or fold under the weight of his party and his base? If the Senator is the kind of man I think he is, my bet is on the former. Governor Palin, on the other hand, is a different story entirely.  


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