A little comedy from Ron Howard, part two

First, Ahmnodt, thanks for the comment. It was interesting enough I did a little research. For those that didn’t see it, Ahmnodt commented about how many Repbulicans were previously celebs compared to Democrats. What I’ve found so far is this:

Alan Autry – (actor) Mayor
Phineas Taylor (P.T.) Barnum – (circus) Mayor, State legislator 
Shirley Temple Black – (actress) Ambassador 
Sonny Bono – (singer) Mayor, Congress 
Jim Bunning – (baseball) Senator
Fred Grandy – (actor) Congress 
Jack Kemp – (Football) congress, VP candidate 
Steve Largent – (football) Congress
George Murphy -(dancer/actor) Senator
Tom Osborne – (football player/coach) Congress
Ronald Reagan – (actor) Governor, President 
Jim Ryun – (runner) congress
Arnold Schwarzenegger – (actor) governor.
Fred Thompson – (actor) Senator
J.C. Watts – (Football) Congress

Bill Bradley – (basketball) Senator
John Glenn – (astronaut) Senator
Ben Jones – (actor) Congress
Sheila Kuehl -(actress) Senator
Tom McMillan – (basketball) Congress
Ralph Waite – (actor) Congress
Jerry Springer (talk show host) Mayor
Al Franken – (Currently running for Senate)
Stephen Peace – (Writer and producer) Senator
Helen Gahagan – (actress) Congress

Clint Eastwood – (actor) Libertarian – Mayor
Jesse (The Body) Ventura-Reform -Governor

So, clearly more Repbulicans than Democrats, but not as much of a disparity as I would have thought. Thanks again, Ahmnodt!


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