The rat behind the rat, part two

An old friend of mine left a comment about the previous post that, while working on answering I decided worked fairly well for a post in and of itself. Surely he’s not the only one who has these questions or opinions, so maybe it’s a good idea to put them front and center. If you’d like to read the entire comment check out the previous post. (Thanks for keeping me honest, Ron)

my response…

Thanks for the comment. Lots to chew over here, so let me break it down. But, before I get into your points, I’d like to remind you and whoever else might have read this post that the idea I was presenting had nothing to do with this election or the candidates. Rather, I wrote about political ads in general and, because of their classification, their lack of oversight. The video was an example of just how disgusting the result can be. Finally, I referenced the Peggy Drexler article because it solidly demonstrated my points and tied them back to traditional advertising.

To that end:

The article makes it sound like McCain has done nothing but lie to the public… and if you vote for him you’re stupid

Sorry, but I’m not sure how you came to this conclusion. The article definitely states Senator McCain has lied about Senator Obama. Multiple times. Is that a question? It also reads he’s counting on America to be stupid – not that if you vote for him that’s what you’ll be. The context is the that the lies just keep on coming, even when they’re clearly not true. See this post for an example of just that. You might know the Earth isn’t flat, but I spoke with two people over the weekend, who, thanks to the McCain camp, the GOP, and great guys like Rush, think that Senator Obama is a Muslim. That it shouldn’t matter is an entirely different conversation, but in the Muslim=Islam=Terrorist mentality many Americans operate within, it’s relevant here. For this discussion it’s important to note that idea didn’t just come from the ether – it’s a lie perpetuated and fostered by Republicans. And, it’s perpetuated because they’re hoping people won’t take the time to check the facts. Both of these people also still think the Obama tax plan will increase their taxes. Also not true, easily checked, and perpetuated by Senator McCain and Governor Palin. It seems to me this is the idea Ms Drexler was trying to get at.

The article fails to mention lies told by Obama

Okay, it fails to mention lies told by Senator Obama. Fair enough. It’s clearly a left-leaning publication, so that’s not overly surprising. Want the facts about Obama’s lies? Do a little research. you can find a fairly comprehensive list of both candidates’ lies here.

Misleading advertising is the reason for Obama’s success and those misleading ads have made people believe he’s something he’s not

Out of everything this puzzles me the most. It’s a pretty global statement. He’s made people believe he’s something he’s not? Based on what? His rise has had, in my opinion, fairly little to do with political ads. Rather, his message of change, his passion, his ideas, and his record have done this. That he’s the author of two open, insightful books about his family, his life, and his ideas certainly doesn’t hurt, either. Now, there’s no argument that his record is pretty thin compared to Senator McCain. I get it. But, he hasn’t served for two decades, either. Either way, Senator Obama’s core message, Change, is apparently such a good idea the McCain camp fairly quickly started using a variation of it themselves.

The media doesn’t tell the truth

No kidding. Of course, not every outlet can be as fair and balanced as others. At any rate, Drexler’s article doesn’t state that the media is honest. It simply reads that the media has become more focused on truth than in other elections. Elections where questioning the sitting administration or its policies was considered unpatriotic, for example.

Thanks again for your comment, Ron. That was fun. But, for me, the things I’m pondering are the first ammendment, political ads, and free speech. In doing a little more research, there are quite a few discussions covering these topics. Where do you stand?


One comment

  1. Well I guess I should start by saying how honored I am that you would create an entire post on my comment. I agree that your post was not on this election and I do understand what you were getting at. When you linked that article I think that you turned the truck into this election. I found myself reading things that I have read a lot of in this election. That Republicans are dishonest and McCain has done nothing but put out false ads about Obama. Well of course they are misleading , dishonest and just out right liars, they’re politicians. The one thing I can see as a Independent is that politicians in both parties lie, it’s in their blood or something. It has been a theme of the Democrats this year to say that all Republicans are lying while they themselves are the beacon of truth….hogwash. It has just gotten to the point where it gets me angry and trust me it takes a lot to get me there. The real truth is both sides are being dishonest pretty much equally. I just wish there could be one politician that shared one of my core beliefs. A statement by a great man which I try very hard to live by “I am what I am”. Popeye, I know it is a cartoon but the statement is sound and true. As far as the right trying to paint Obama as a radical Muslim, yea that pisses me off to. I can’t wait for this crap to be over.
    Now to your original post left wing article aside. You are in the ad game perhaps you can answer this question. There is a commercial that gets played quite a bit for perhaps you have seen it. Catchy jingle kind of funny. Only one problem, it is not free, I found out the hard way. Those suckers got me for 40 bucks. How can they get away with that with just the little fine print at the end that no one can read?


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