A lovely break

margarita(Addendum: I decided what the hell – I’m going to cut and paste and see what happens…)

Technology is sometimes a pain in the rump.

I’m sitting at my favorite pub (I use the word loosely since it’s actually a Mexican restaurant, but I’ve an Irish heritage so I just can’t help it), a margarita on one side of my laptop and a pack of smokes on the other. It’s a vacation day, which would normally translate to kicking back at home, playing with the kiddo, spending quality time with the wife, or tooling around in the garage. But today I needed to go into the office for a bit to take care of a few things that just wouldn’t wait and the family went about the day with other plans. End result? After taking care of this and that at work I’m now relaxing on a great patio about 2:00 in the afternoon on a Thursday. It feels decadent.

Things would be perfect but for the technology thing. For reasons I can’t explain or correct I can’t seem to get online. So, here I sit, typing today’s post in Word. And, because WordPress is sketchy about this kind of thing and has issues with formatting from a Word document, I’ll have to re-type it once I can connect and get to the Blog. Balls.

But none of that takes away from what a gorgeous day it is. Beautiful weather, a tasty adult beverage, and better than average queso. Does it get any better?

Before this job and the freelance that preceded it, I bartended for quite a few years. I have conflicting feelings about that experience, but one thing is certain – the free time it offered was divine. Today reminds me a little of those times. When you’re primarily working nights the day is your playground and the looks you get from folks in suits and ties when you’re taking shots at noon is just plain unbeatable. Pound a Sex with an Alligator and their eyes just swell.

Looks like I’ve had enough to drink to be nostalgic. Another great thing about this place – they play lot’s of 80’s music. New Order just started pouring out of the speakers and in my head I’m suddenly back in the Marine Corps, introducing a great guy named James to the band. At the time, I was knocked sideways that someone hadn’t heard of them, but it was great playing Bizzare Love Triangle for him for the first time.


So, today I was going to post about something else, but I’d like to stay in a good mood. The sweet spot, as some golfers would say. Tomorrow we’ll chat about Proposition 8 and the hypocrisy of some who call themselves Christians. Today I’m going to soak up the sun and enjoy the rarity of no obligations, albeit briefly.

What experience have you had lately that falls under “decadent?”

photo by Mel B.



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