A word about my daughter

We all know there’s just never enough time to spend with family. We work too much; leave too early, get home too late,  and don’t get home for lunch as often as we should. Time with my family is precious, is what I’m saying. 

With a child just over sixteen months old those moments are sometimes hysterical, too.

Apparently, my daughter has a penchant for Techno. How cool is that? Last night we’re sitting on the floor in the study, playing with this and that, when a techno remix of the Braveheart theme starts playing. Ellie stops what she’s doing, stands up, smiles at me, and starts to dance like a hero. Thump, thump, thump – tss, tss, tss – thump-thump-tss.

Ah, my little club kid.


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