Thoughts about election night

A great guy I work with turned me on to a blog called Dooce. I’ve added it to the Blogroll if you’d like to check it out. The author, Heather, is a wonderful writer and I laugh out loud – occasionally a real, honest guffaw – just about every time I read. Check this post out for just one of those moments.

I mention her and it because shortly after my wife and I found out we were pregnant I began writing letters to my (at the time unknown and unnamed) child. It’s been a great experience, and I’ve already started new letters for our next kiddo who’s currently, well, baking. I’ll be glad when she/he/it no longer has a tail. While I’ve been using pen and paper for my efforts, Heather writes letters to her daughter in her blog. The post I suggest you read is one such letter.

It begins with her thoughts and recollections of this year’s Halloween, but ends with election night and the hopes she has because of it. Since I’m still working on my letter to Ellie about this very thing, I found the bost both warm and poignant. Take a few moments and check it out.

Something else you might like to read is this post from the Times. It’s a bit partisan, but the central theme isn’t entirely dissimilar from Heather’s. One of the final paragraphs is below.

“The actual real America is everywhere. It is the America that has been in shell shock since the aftermath of 9/11, when our government wielded a brutal attack by terrorists as a club to ratchet up our fears, betray our deepest constitutional values, and turn Americans against one another in the name of “patriotism.” What we started to remember the morning after Election Day was what we had forgotten over the past eight years, as our abusive relationship with the Bush administration and its press enablers dragged on: That’s not who we are.”

That the article is clearly slanted left is something to shelf for the moment. For me, the message that’s important is that we now have a real opportunity to do and become something wonderful. My question is this: how are you explaining these events to your children?


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