Tuesday wrap-up

Today makes two weeks in a row I’ve lost both of my fantasy football leagues. I’m, remarkably, 4 wins and 7 losses in both leagues and I just can’t seem to get it together. To be fair, one league found me scrambling for a new quarterback when I lost Tom Brady and the other had a similar situation when Tony Romo broke his pinky. But the loss of both of those players shouldn’t have been my downfall.

And in fact, they weren’t. Nope, for me, each week (for the most part) I’ve done reasonably well. Side by side, I would have beaten about 70% of the teams in each league, just not the one I was playing. Take last night, for instance. One of my players, Buffalo’s rookie wide receiver Lee Evans, managed to catch not a single thing the entire game. Zip. That powerhouse performance clinched my seventh loss by 4 points.  The other game I lost by a whopping 2.5 points.

Color me ecstatic.

So, what is the universe trying to tell me? Is it saying I need to learn patience? A shift in priorities? Focus on the important stuff and let the small things slide?

I think it’s saying the Buffalo still stinks and not to get my hopes up. There’s always next season.


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