Vacation day – kind of

I just Tweeted about this so I thought I’d throw the question out here, too.

Because I rarely take a vacation day end of year comes and I find myself scrambling to burn through vacation days that I’ll otherwise lose. It makes for a pretty cool November and December – lots of Fridays off – but it does nothing to minimize the amount of work that still needs to get done.

I’ve put in an hour or so of time on work and I’ve another hour or two on the radar. The upside is productivity is through the roof with no distractions. The downside is, well, I’m supposed to be on vacation.

So, the question – how do you balance work and time off? Are you ever completely ‘off the grid?’ 



  1. Tim,
    Thanks for the comment – that’s great advice. In fact, I didn’t check work email once yesterday. That was harder to do than it probably should have been. I am having a hard time picturing you in your jammies, however…

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