An actual vacation day

My wife, Sarah, had a serious deadline that’s kept her glued to her computer any and every free moment for the last few weeks. That’s not why yesterday was so nice, but seeing the tick at the corner of her eye is mildly amusing. No, the real reason is this: because the project is coming to a head, she and most of the other managers at her company went in early for a roundtable to get the finishing touches dialed-out yesterday morning. And, as I was on a vacation today, I was able to spend almost a full day hanging out with my daughter, Ellie.


I bring this up because somewhere between practicing our signs, running around in the back yard, and doing an absolutely miserable job at putting her hair in pigtails it occured to me I’m going to need to take advantage of every moment like this I can get.


I’ve heard (Bill Cosby?) that having one child is akin to having no children at all. With our second child fast approaching that bit of wisdom keeps pushing on the big, red panic button in my mind. As rare and valuable as days like yesterday already are, what are things going to be like with two?



  1. Life will be different, MUCH DIFFERENT. Too late now though *snickers*. There are arguements between them, you won’t know who did something, etc.

    For us, three was easy since we were used to two. Not too much changed except another person.


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