Gay Vampires

So, I wrote about spending the day with my daughter last week and how wonderful it was. Something that occurred that day completely slipped my mind until I saw an article about the movie Twilight this morning and it’s just too hysterical not to bring up.


During our hours of playtime on Friday, my daughter discovered how to turn the clock radio sitting on our bedside table on and off. Have I mentioned she’s a genius? Clearly, her mother’s genes. In other ways she takes after her daddy, because she likes her music loud. I kept lowering the volume and she would mess around with knobs and buttons until she found the volume and then cranked that sucker up. Big time.


vampires_4One of the times the radio was on, blaring, I heard a promo for the morning show where the caller talked to the DJs about Twilight. It was about a minute-long recording, but the caller ended his commentary with the observation that finally, finally, geeks had made vampires cool. He was a big fan of the movie, the books, and was in absolute bliss. Then one of the DJs said that not long ago Anne Rice had not only made vampires cool, she’d pulled them into mainstream America.


His response? “Yeah….. but they’re all gay.”


I sit here weeping at stupidity.


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