Music as a metaphor

Not long ago I had a great conversation with a buddy about music. He’s a sales guy at Dell, a guitarist, and he’s  just put together a band with his brother and a couple of other guys. He’s not quitting his day job; it’s something he just loves to do and wants to hang out and jam every once in a while. Dig it.

Ironically, during our conversation I was not at all pleased with live music in general. When we get together we seem to always find ourselves on a patio or in a bar with a band playing way too loud for the 15 people in the audience. Yeah, I know, if it’s too loud yada-yada. I get it. But, as I explained to him, for me it’s about expectations. If I planned to go out, have a few drinks, and check out a band I’d have no problem with my eardrums bleeding. I couldn’t bitch about it, at any rate. But when I’m meeting a friend for conversation having to scream over my dinner isn’t my idea of a good time.

When the band finally wrapped up and we could relax into our conversation, each of us had a story that, basically, ended with this: playing or singing in a group, when you can hear what you’re doing and how it evoloves and folds and blends with what’s going on around you, and ultimately becomes something wonderful, pretty much rules. No feeling quite like it.

One of the gents I’m following on Twitter linked to the video below yesterday and it reminded me of that feeling. Check it out…


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