The apathetic security detail

or, Waiting for the other shoe to drop

shoesOkay, so it was only a shoe. Or a pair of shoes, actually. I get it. But.

Could there have been something in them? Yes. Could there have been something sticking out from one of them? Yes. Could there have been something, anything, dangerous about those shoes? Absolutely.

Now, anyone who knows me knows I’m not a fan of our President. But folks, he’s still our President, and some nutjob cameraman from Baghdad had the time to throw a shoe, pause, then throw another at him. And call him a “Dog.” It was degrading. It was disrespectful. But that’s not the scariest thing.

Where the hell was the Secret Service?

photo by Daveybot



  1. Dave the secret service was busy writing anther story about Weapons of Mass destruction in Syria and Pakistan. Pakistan has no oil, but still.

    He is still our president but the shoes were thrown at Mr. George W. Bush, NOT the US people. Don’t you see how many innocent children , men, and women he has killed? Most of them having nothing to do with Saddam Hussein or Al qaida. Innocent people. So, after all a few shoes at him wouldnt have been much for those lives, would they?

    ( I am a born and raised American with American parents so don’t you dare think of me as an Iranian /Pakistani or an Arab)


    1. Naximus,
      Thanks for the comment. Writing another story is as good of an explanation as any, I suppose. Either way, I’m stunned.
      As to your other points, I think we see things somewhat differently. While shoes were thrown at an individual and not the US people, President Bush is the leader, representative, and symbol of this country. He’s our President, for cryin’ out loud. The attitudes – well reported and documented attitudes, I might add – of many, many Iraqi citizens is one of open hostility towards the United States. Hell, the attitude of many, many citizens from many, many countries is the same. To believe that attack was directed solely at President Bush is to ignore this. How many American flags have we seen burned by crowds lately?
      The number of innocent people who’ve died because of this conflict is heart-wrenching – no question. That, as of December 10, more than 4,000 Americans have died in a war most in this country don’t want to be in is equally tragic. That’s a different conversation, and one that deserves much more space than a comment reply.
      As to your last point – does the fact that you are “born and raised American” make your ideas any more valid than if you weren’t? FYI, that kind of thinking is one of the reasons many people across the globe can’t stand us.


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