Dealing with change, addendum


After going back and reading yesterday’s entry I’ve come to the conclusion that writing a post and monitoring a Webinar at the same time makes for some fairly odd leaps in thinking. My apologies. It’s almost like those times when you’ve had too much to drink, too much to smoke, or just far too much time between some decent shut-eye and you write what you’re sure is a brilliant idea, only to look at it later after you’ve slept or come down and ask yourself, “What the hell does ‘blovey-driven-pernaphadits’ mean?”

 At any rate, what was really on my mind was this:

First, the family-kind of relationships you develop in the military are, by the nature of your oath, many times long-term. In fact, I talk with one of my buddies from that time just about every week. Second, those types of long-term relationship are something that I’m comfortable with. Next, relationships in Corporate America are, well, different. But, in spite of those differences, I’ve made friendships I truly value. Finally, layoffs and downsizing, while a basic reality in business, screw with my “family.”

And it blows. 

So, my questions: what kind of relationships do you develop at work, and how has our economy impacted them? 

photo by tinou bao


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