Blogroll, part one

If you take a look to the right, you’ll see a listing of other Blogs I highly recommend. Below you’ll find a brief summary of each in case you’d like to check them out. Lots of great writers out there – take advantage of them!

37 Days: Authored by a great writer named Patti Digh, this Blog’s tagline reads, “What would you be doing today if you only had 37 days to live?” It’s a question worth asking now and again, and Patti’s answers never fail to make you think.

Bargain Jack: This isn’t a Blog so much as it is a great way to find, well, bargains. Each day you’ll discover great deals on a wealth of merchandise. In some ways I’m a bit sad how well this site is doing because it means a wonderful old co-worker named Sharon just won’t be coming back.  

Dooce: Not quite sure how to summarize this Blog. Most posts, generally, center on family and life in general or are letters to her daughter. I realize this isn’t a stunning endorsement, but consider this – the author is more often than not laugh out loud funny. The writing is both smart and funny and who can’t use a bit more of that in their day?

Egghead Marketing: Authored by a kind, wicked-smart marketer, Egghead Marketing is at its best when the author, Russ, takes everyday examples and gleans relevant marketing lessons. Which is often.  

Hoover’s Business Blog: Writer, editor, and historian Tim Walker keeps us up-to-date and informed about Corporate American, business in general, and how to stretch, grow, and challenge ourselves in our personal, professional lives.


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