A bit more about Twitter

My wife’s cousin, Crystal, is one remarkable lady. She’s funny, talented, arrogant as hell, and sharp as a tack. In other words  just the kind of person I like hanging out with. She’s also a playwright with multiple productions under her belt. If you get the opportunity to see her work, you’d do well to take the time to check it out.

During the time betwenn visits, both Sarah and I try and keep up with what she’s doing through one of her blogs. You can find them here and here. It’s a comment thread on the first that has me writing this post.

Like many, many people, Crystal is aware of Twitter, has checked it out, and has come away with a furrowed brow and a What the hell’s the point running through her mind. She’s not alone. I’ve written about Twitter before, and God knows there’s a mountain of articles detailing the many different ways you can use the application. So I’m not going to reinvent the wheel. Instead, I’ll just say this:

If not for Twittter, chances are I wouldn’t have stumbled on cool videos like the ones below.


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