Tumbleweeds rolling through the office

tumbleweedAs much as loud conversations next to my cube drive me nuts when I’m writing, I’m finding the silence of an almost empty office more than a tad unnerving. Not sure what it is – you’d think the quiet would be conducive to serious focus and pumping out some good work but I’m having a difficult time concentrating. There are quiet, distant conversations here and there, but it almost feels like we’re at a wake. Given the layoffs a couple of weeks ago, maybe that’s not too far off.

Maybe it’s such a beautiful day outside. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m off the rest of the week and I’m only a few hours from a kick-ass 5 day weekend. Hell, maybe it’s the fact I just can’t seem to get into what I’m writing right now. Try coming up with engaging, creative copy for an Application Programming Interface and see just how well your juices flow. Ug.

A great lady that used to work here had a process that was both very weird and very cool – she wrote a Haiku every day. Seriously. Each day she began by sitting down and putting together three lines about whatever was on her mind. Since James Clavell’s Shogun has been in my Top Ten books list since I first read it in High School and those tiny, perfect, and precise poems have always had a warm place in my heart, it’s no surprise Val’s daily ritual has always been something I’m fond of. 

So, as a quiet shout-out to Val, and a nod to the work I’m supposed to be doing, I give you an A.P.I. Haiku.  

Freedom from structure
Limitless and infinite
Developer’s bliss

photo by Aperte



    1. Never in a million years did I expect you to stumble your way here, ma’am! Very pleased just doesn’t cut it. Hope all is well with your new diggs…


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