I’m going bald because of email

inboxOkay, so maybe genetics is the larger problem there, but truly – email makes me pull my hair out sometimes. How many times have my wife and sister gotten into a tiff because of some misunderstanding in their email? I have literally lost count. It’s insane. Over and over, something is misunderstood, is a miscommunication, or simply forgotten. The last time this occured the problem was that one of them had simply failed to read the last sentence of the email before replying.  And all hell broke loose.

It’s nuts.

So, when I received an email notification about a comment an old friend had left on my last post, you’d think I would have known better. You’d think I would have paused for a moment, really thought about it, then spent the five seconds needed to verify the message. The actual comment was this:

hey mike – its steve, long time no see.  found your blog through facebook.  it is very strange catching up with friends through their blogs.  hope you are doing well and good luck stopping smoking!

Great message, right? No surprise, he was always a great guy. But what I read in the email was this:

hey mike – its steve, long time no see.  found your blog through facebook.  it is very strange…

So now I’m left wrapping my mind around the fact my writing is so uninspired old friends I haven’t spoken to in years have no problem telling me it’s strange. And the self worth question marks then start tip-tapping across the back of my neck. Doing a jig.

Steve, old buddy, it was damn good to hear from you. I think I’m going to delete my email account now.



  1. that is too funny. now i need to figure out exactly how many letters the little notification blurb is so i can really mess with you.

    things are good here in dallas. i’m been keeping tabs on you through missy. all of you are procreating, i’m feeling the pressure. not really, i’ll just keep buying presents for other people’s kids and going to the movies at 10pm on a weeknight…:)

    hope to see you soon. if you ever get to dallas let me know and missy and i will take you to dinner and we can all catch up.



    1. Procreate if and when you’re ready – 10:00pm movies will be a thing of the past. Hell, it’s been a year since I’ve gone to see a movie at any time, let alone one in the evening. Ug.
      Sarah and I have been looking to get to Dallas for a weekend for quite a while now – I’ll defininitely give you guys a heads-up when it happens.


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