Another reason I just don’t understand some Republicans

Okay, so the election is over, my guys won, and I’m floating in a sea of political bliss. But.

We’ve now arrived at the time when I, you, and anyone else even marginally invested in the process need to become ardent critics of the Obama administration. I say “critic” and mean not that it’s time to moan, complain, and ridiculously pick and jab. Rather, it’s time to rationally and intelligently question decisions, search for verification and truth, and to hold our President accountable for promises made over the course of this insanely long campaign. In  other words, all the things President Bush calls us unpatriotic for doing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to doing so. Mostly because I think, I hope, that he’ll do the right thing. That he won’t be dishonest. He won’t consider might the keystone of leadership. He’ll hold true to the beliefs and ideals that inspired so many of us. In a word, that he, through policy, leadership, and thoughtfulness, continues to give the country hope.

Which brings me to the title of today’s post. Driving home yesterday, on the back window of a large SUV directly in front of me, I saw the following sticker:


Fair enough – nothing weird or out of the ordinary wanting to support your candidate. But in large bold letters directly below it, another sticker read the following:


So I ask this (Republicans, please chime in and help me here): political ideology aside, just what the hell kind of person actually believes that?


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