Why I don’t understand some Republicans, part two

I went through my day yesterday, writing and reading, organizing and checking off my to-dos, and just couldn’t get the ridiculous bumper sticker mentioned in my last post out of my mind. Those eight words would randomly float to the surface of my mind, coming into focus like the title sequence of “Lost,” and I think I ended the day with a permanent crease between my brows from grimacing.

Thinking about it last night, I remembered a video my brother-in-law turned me on to during one of our marathon drinks, music, and endless stars sessions on just about the best patio ever. So once my two favorite ladies were warm and asleep I sat down in our office, tapped this and that on the keyboard, and then leaned back and watched it a few times. Wouldn’t you know, that little crease just about disappeared.

You may have seen this before, but if you haven’t, take the four minutes and watch it. If you’re anit-Obama, I ask that you really watch it and instead focus on the message. Chances are I’ll never meet that knuckle-head in the SUV, but if ever I do, I’d like to tell him I believe hope has the power to do everything.


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