Ice Cube was right – today was a good day

It was an odd morning. Thanks to a 21mg nicotine patch worn around the clock sleep has been, well, interesting. More than two weeks of active dreams, fitful sleep, and lots of staring at the ceiling in the wee hours of the night have left me feeling more than a little washed-out and punchy.

But the dreams have been cool, too. Last nights’ starred my old boss (now happily chugging away at a new gig) who gave me my end of year review using riddles and a rather odd mind-map. Knowing the man, I’m certain that if it was actually his company that kind of review wouldn’t be entirely out of the question.

He then invited me to watch then President-elect Obama’s inaugural ceremony and we stepped out of an office into a basketball gym and then into a pretty day. Not sure what that last bit was about – I can’t dribble to save my life – but I woke up singing/whispering, “Yes. We. Can.”

I was pretty excited about today, is what I’m saying.

Throughout my shower, lacing up my shoes, and over and around spoonfuls of cereal, I was humming along with that lovely tune in my head. In fact, I was singing along…And a King that led us to a mountaintop… right up to the point I was rear-ended on the way to work.

So now I have a dented car, a throbbing headache (coupled with the thinness from little sleep and it feels a little like Codine to me, and I enjoy Codine about as much as I do mucking out a latrine in the desert) but I’m still smiling. Wide and happy, I’m still smiling, and haven’t really stopped since I arrived this morning.

I’m glad you’re here, Mr. President.



  1. As usual, I am always amazed by your mind and your process. I share your sentiments entirely with regard to Obama and this presidency. I found myself unusually happy for no particular reason in the days that followed the big event. It was a welcome feeling indeed. I have always been proud to be an American, though in recent years have mostly been so because it was a better option than the alternatives. I feel hopeful in ways I have not felt in a long time. I feel the beginning of restoration. Given my recent experiences with corporate injustices and having had been a part of some of the major events that have shaped the past 8 years, it feels wonderful to breathe in some clean air .. and to be here in this moment in history.

    I love your blogs. It makes me feel connected to you even when we are distant. Congratulations to you and your growing family. I was so excited to read your news.

    Please keep writing .. I love your perspective. I always have.


    1. Wendy,
      Thank you so much for the kind words – they made my day. That you’ve found your way here makes me more than a little happy, too. Yup, Sarah and I have another lady on the way, so it looks like god really does have a sense of humor. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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