Somebody slap me, please


I just can’t focus.

I could say it’s a weird day and that would be true. But I could just as easily say it’s been a weird week, month, or series of months, or moments times moments. And that would be true, too.

Given the economy, the layoffs, and the uncertain tomorrows, weirdness at work isn’t all that surprising. And, given my wife and I have another daughter that’s fast-approaching, weirdness at home is actually pretty much expected. But that’s not it.

It’s as if I keep drifting.

Do you know what I mean? When you have to stop, shake your head a bit, then reread the same paragraph, again and again? And if it were just the one paragraph, or the one document, or even the one subject, I could accept that this is just a great example of one of those things I just have trouble wrapping my head around. Chalk it up and move on.

But that’s only a metaphor. What if those paragraphs aren’t letters on the page, but hours of your time? What if that document is actually an entire day?

What do you do then?



  1. Very good questions. I try to combat this feeling by concentrated periods of thought offline, or periods at the computer with no interruptions from e-mail, Twitter, etc.

    Let me know if you figure out a good answer to all of this. 😉


    1. Tim,
      Thanks for the comment! In thinking about it, you “drop Twitter parascope” fairly regularly to really focus. And, I’m fairly sure you’ve had some great posts about shutting email down, too. Both great ideas.
      If I can come up with additional avenues I’ll be certain to post. Anyone else care to chime in?


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