Your opinions needed

I realize that yesterday’s post ended somewhat abruptly – my apologies. It’s a great example of my current difficulty with time management. Meaning, trying to knock out a post during my lunch break sometimes just doesn’t seem to cut it. I’ll get to work on part two tonight or tomorrow, but for now I ask that you allow me to digress for a moment.

One of the tools available with this blogging application is the ability to see what, if any, links people have clicked in a given post. It doesn’t show who clicked them or when, so privacy isn’t an issue, but it is a nice way to gauge whether or not my audience is interacting with other sites or recommendations. And according to the reporting, my readers aren’t clicking on much.

Which is a bit of a bummer.

Certainly the act of writing this blog is something I do for me – have fun, stretch and reach with my writing, and so on – but it’s also very much for people like you who take time from your day to visit and read. I’m fully aware time is precious and I’m grateful you’re here, is what I’m saying.

So I ask you this: if the links I’ve provided, or the posts they’re in, aren’t stirring your interest to find out more about the subject what can I do to make this blog better for you? Are you looking for different content? Other topics? Alternate formats?

Seriously, let me know. I’m open to any and all suggestions you might have, so comment at will. Until then, thanks for dropping by…



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