House, smokin’ kitties, and a long-awaited film (part two)

Addendum: Part one of this post should have probably began something a little like this: What follows really has almost nothing to do with a television show. It’s not about politics, the writer’s strike, or even the brilliant Ms Egan. It’s actually about an old movie, a new movie, and why single parents should show some restraint.

That might have kept you guessing. Thanks for keeping me honest, TW. At any rate,  part two:

tron2When I was a boy I received a letter. It was the summer of 1982 and I was a couple of days into a visit with my grandparents in Indiana when it arrived. Two pages long and filled with pretty, rounded letters, I must have read it about a dozen times before I boarded the plane back to Houston.

I’d been asked out on a date, you see.

Her name was Sandy, and she was a woman I’d met really only a few weeks before I left for Indiana. I say ‘woman’ because she was old. I’m talking late twenties kind of old. Beautiful and funny; her only flaw as far as I could tell was that she had the bad taste to go out with my father. Bollocks.

I don’t remember how long they dated – I think it was only a couple of months – but the important thing, the thing I do remember clearly, is just how sweet and kind she was to a fairly adrift boy.

 And she asked me to go and see Tron. How cool was that?

A quick sidebar – one of the main characters in House is played by a lovely actress named Olivia Wilde. Combine Jennifer Connelly’s intensity with Michelle Pfeiffer’s elegance and you have a pretty good snapshot of Ms Wilde. As I’ve been enamored with both of those actresses for more years than I can count, I think it’s fair to say I didn’t stand a chance when Wilde joined the cast. Smokin’ kitties, indeed.

But I was talking about Sandy. Alas, we never did have our date. Not long after I returned to Houston she and my father called it quits and as sweet as she was, a movie with the son of an ex-boyfriend just wasn’t in the cards. So, a month or so later when the film premiered I saw it with a friend from school instead.

And I was in absolute bliss.

C’mon – it was Tron, for crying out loud. I could have been forced to watch it suspended upside down over a fire and it would have been incredible. Anyone who saw it as a kid knows what I mean. It was one of those movies that changes everything and leaves you grinning and shaking your head in wonder.

Which is why, finally, I’m very, very happy to tell you about Tron 2.0.  Scheduled for release in 2011, it’s currently in pre-production. Jeff Bridges is back as Kevin Flynn; Bruce Boxleitner is back, too. A new face you’ll see for this film is an actress I mentioned above – Olivia Wilde. All in all, you could say I’m a little jazzed.

Want to see for yourself? This is the teaser trailer shown at Comic-Con. The quality is so-so, but you’ll want to watch through to the end. Enjoy…


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