The random image project


A “butterfly on the summer’s breath” is just a tad too pretty to describe Stone and Sea, but it’s fairly clear topics and style are pretty loose at this blog. And that’s okay. For me, the point is to stretch and have fun writing.

In fact a good buddy and I talk fairly often about how to do just that and not long ago he had a great idea. A challenge, really, but one that might help accomplish both points mentioned above. The first post of the series should arrive shortly, but for those of you who like to get into the meat and potatoes of things the challenge is this: grab an interesting image from Flickr, somehow incorporate it into a post, write that post using a set of  constraints, and do it all in such a way you’re not bored to tears.

Why constraints, you ask? Quite a few reasons, actually. Reasons that range from best practices to mimicking business reality. But, perhaps more importantly, constraints can actually free us to produce much more creative work. Check out thisthis, and this to see what I mean.

Anyway, hope you’re going to enjoy, and keep your eyes open tomorrow.

photo by Silvio Tanaka


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