Random Image Project: 3-9-09

This is the first installment of a project using imagery, constraint, and more than a little tenacity.

Look on the third row of the bookshelf in my study and you’ll find a novel I’ve purchased easily dozens of times. No kidding. Dozens. For years it would be my answer to birthdays, stockings, or those odd and wonderful moments over a cocktail when I realized a friend and I had been talking about a thought or idea that was now just about singing from between the pages.

I first discovered it while on leave from boot camp and have loved it, literally, from the very first sentence:

There was a Master come unto the earth, born in the holy land of Indiana, raised in the mystical hills east of Fort Wayne.

It makes me smile just seeing it on the screen.   

The book is called Illusions and it’s written by a gent named Richard Bach. That’s the same Richard Bach who wrote Jonathan Livingston Seagull, by the bye, and if you haven’t read that one before I’m telling you with no hesitation you’ve done yourself a great disservice. One of my happiest Half Price Books moments was finding an old, beat-up, 1st edition copy of Jonathan a few years ago. Bliss.

I’ve a dear friend who does something similar even now, albeit with a different book. And while his gift, Donald Miller’s Blue Like Jazz, is about a man’s exploration and discovery of Christianity and mine is, well, decidedly not, the two books have far more in common than you’d think. 

So, my challenge to you: pick one of the three books above and read it in the next month. They’re all fairly light reads, so not a huge investment. Once you’ve done so, come back here and tell me what you thought. With any luck we’ll both learn something new and have a good time doing so.

Photo by i5prof



  1. We share something in common. I’ve given the same book to friends and acquaintances dozens of times as well. Also, I just finished Blue Like Jazz 2 weeks ago.


  2. I know I’ve got Illusions around here somewhere, and as I’m avoiding my summer teacher reading like the procrastinator I am, I just might pick it up again and remind myself why you gave it to me.


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