Latest woodworking project

Between family, work, tooling around in the garage, and birthday celebrations (mine, my mom,  a couple buddies, and my nephew – all in a four day window, if you can wrap your mind around that one), I just haven’t had the time to post. My bad.

Right now I’m working on two posts that started out as hmm, this is pretty interesting, but have somehow evolved into pieces far more Atlas Shrugged than Elements of Style in regard to length. Given one deals with abortion and the other genocide, I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised with the expansion. In any case, they’re both in work and I hope to have at least a portion of each ready for you soon, so please stay tuned. 

Until then, I invite you to enjoy my latest carpentry project. About 3.5 feet tip to tip, it was a birthday gift for my nephew and easily one of the most fun projects, both to design and build, I’ve had in a quite some time. Hook ’em…




  1. Very thoughtful! Homemade gifts are always the best…my boys planted bluebonnets for us over Spring Break. They did it with such TLC that I will be sad when the flowers stop blooming. 😦


  2. I’m not a gardener, but at the rate my less than green thumbs work, I have little hope that mine are coming back. They are, however, still alive. 🙂


  3. Sarah and I are having the same struggle with a rose bush. Still alive, but far more “a Charlie Brown Christmas tree” than the white house rose gardens.


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