Sorry for my absence

I’ll get back to writing soon, but as you can see below I’ve been a little busy. In fact, during my brief stay in the hospital I began (in my head, in the middle of the night) a couple of posts. Stay tuned for those.

Until then,  Kenna Sumerlin Hickey was born a little over a week ago and is perfect, beautiful, and crazy-chilled for a baby. Life is good.





    1. Thank you, ma’am…
      It’s been a busy week but we’re slowly settling in. Kenna has been a dream – super easy. The only time she really cries is when we change her diaper or give her a bath. She just doesn’t like getting naked. I, as you might imagine, would be quite happy if she stayed that way until she was well into her thirties.


    1. Thanks, Ronnie. So far it’s been good times. Sarah’s parents leave this weekend so we’ll see how we do flying solo…


  1. Any new pics of the complete Hickey clan in the works??? Maybe on one of your sites? Cant wait.

    love you much



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