To click or not to click

Clearly, not a question.

I was looking at stats yesterday and realized that in the last couple of weeks only one person has clicked on a link from this blog. And while that’s absolutely fine – I’m in bliss that you’re here reading at all – I do have to say I think you guys are missing out on some hilarious stuff.

Take the last post, for example. If you click on the “Pirates of the Caribbean” link below and watch the two minute video I dare you, I double-dog dare you, not to laugh.

I’m just sayin’…



  1. Ok….You have a fat “Ninja” criticizing a movie that was really for kids. Of course you didn’t like it…your not 10 years old. I did not really like Pirates of the Caribbean but my 3 boys did. That’s my point its for kids. Sorry dude just don’t get the Ninja.


    1. Ron,
      Thanks for the comment. Fair enough – maybe I’m just weird enough to think a fat ninja is funny. No telling.


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