Another example of just how small the world really is

Blue Like JazzWhat are the odds?

A while back I wrote my first (and so far, only) post using a specific set of guidelines under the title of, “The random image project.” FYI, the basic idea for the series is to generate creativity within constraints. You can find the post here, but the reason I mention it is this:

In the post I reference a book called Blue Like Jazz, written by Donald Miller. It’s a great book with an interesting point of view, and one I encourage anyone to read if you get the chance. What I didn’t know when it was given to me, or when I read it, or even the years that have followed, is that I went to school with the author.

My memory from those days is a little fuzzy, but I remember him as being a genuinely nice guy. So, as a shout-out to Donald, take some time and check out either this book or the others that follow. I think you’ll enjoy what you find.



    1. Thanks for the comment, Sarah!
      I don’t blame your friend – Mr. Miller is one handsome fella. Add the fact that Donald is an awesome writer and was (even then) a great guy, and you have all the ingredients for the perfect swoon.
      Thanks also for the links!

      * Side note – now that I’ve actually followed the links and, you know, read a bit, I see “crush” isn’t so much a he’s yummy kind of thing, but rather a he’s rockin’ way of thinking. I think they’re probably both accurate.


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