Face, BA, Murdock, and Hannibal – on the big screen

In case you haven’t heard, a feature-length A-Team is scheduled for release this year. Color me stoked. Goofy, campy, more than a little silly, and unlikely to win any awards, this film still calls out to Young Me and I can’t wait. Check it out:


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Until then, here’s something you should watch. Some people are so freakin’ talented it simply blows me away; and their pleasure at playing well and playing together is so clear and sweet you just can’t help but smile. Enjoy.

Thank you, Patrick Rothfuss, for posting.

The perfect Pina Colada

pina-coladaThis might not be the most inspired post you’ll read today, but for reasons I absolutely cannot explain, the subject has come up twice in the last week. So just in case the universe is trying to tell me something, I offer the following for all of you Pina Colada lovers out there: 

Spend any amount of time in your local Specs, HEB, or liquor store and you’ll find dozens of mixes on the shelves, but the truth is you really only need a few items and a blender for a mixer that’s not only a breeze to make, it’ll absolutely knock your socks off. 

Start with 2 cans of Coco Lopez and one can of crushed pineapple. Pour all three into a blender and let it do its thing for about fifteen seconds. Once blended, pour the contents into a container and set it aside because you now have a righteous Pina Colada mix. See? That easy. 

For a single drink, pour about 1.5 to 2 inches of mix into the blender (depending on the size of your blending cup), a couple ounces of rum (more if you’re feeling daring), and your ice. FYI, a good rule of thumb is to fill whatever glass you’re going to be using with ice and dump that amount into the blender. Next, and this is the real secret, add a splash of half-n-half. This is going to make your drink wicked-smooth and creamy. 

Blend well and enjoy. Pineapple slices and cherries are optional.

Forever without a punch line

A naked blonde walks into a bar, a poodle under one arm and two-foot salami under the other. She lays the poodle on the table. The bartender says, “I guess you won’t be needing a drink.” The naked lady says…

Rest in peace, John Hughes.

Patriotism dies, part two

So, if you’ve seen spots for Will Ferrell’s new film, Land of the lost, you might have heard this line:

Danny: Do you ever get tired of being wrong?
Marshall (Ferrell): I do – I really do.

I can relate.

If you check out a few posts back you’ll see a nice long write-up about the Death of Captain America and how I was fairly certain they wouldn’t be bringing him back. More the fool me. But, for those of you that might find this good news (I certainly do, wrong or not) I offer the following:


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Han Solo, PI

If you were a fan of Magnum PI, you’re going to love this…

Teabagging, taxes, and Fox News

Admittedly, this isn’t fresh news. That being said – wow – this is funny stuff. Three questions: how did the writer manage to get this by, how did the anchor manage to get though it without cracking up, and finally, is there no one in the Republican party team who put this event together with a little marketing experience? Teabagging? Really?

Big, big thanks to Sarah Morgan for posting this on her site.