Just Plain Folk

I’m probably tilting at windmills here but I’ve got to be straight – the thinking that aww, shucks, I’m just a normal, every-day-guy is exactly the kind of quality we need in Washington, or our local governments for that matter, drives me absolutely. fucking. crazy.

Take a recent interview with Ted Nugent (see the entire clip here) where Fox host David Asman says the following:

“Well Ted, you have common sense, which probably 98 percent of the people inside the Beltway don’t have. And common sense means much more to living a good life than any kind of degree from an Ivy League university. These government officials, just because they have an Ivy League education doesn’t mean they know more than we do.”

Take away for a moment that, well, it kind of does, and instead consider this: when did having an education become a negative? That former President Bush projected the everyman persona any time he was in front of a camera boggles my mind. That the country elected him twice while he did so makes me want slam my head into a wall. Twice. The right’s continued love of former Governor Palin (due in large part to the same kind of personality) does the same.  

Sure, we elect politicians. But it’s important to note that we call them by another name, too – leaders. And don’t we want our leaders to have a first-rate mind? One that’s informed and analytical and capable of attacking the problems our country faces – problems that are incredibly complex, nuanced, and in dire need of all the brain-power we can put behind them, by the bye – with a little more intellectual might than Joe the Plumber?  


Thanks to Eileen Smith at In the Pink for the original post.


No kidding

Found the image below while working on another post but it’s just too funny to wait until then. Enjoy.



Cartoon by Nick Anderson

Teabagging, taxes, and Fox News

Admittedly, this isn’t fresh news. That being said – wow – this is funny stuff. Three questions: how did the writer manage to get this by, how did the anchor manage to get though it without cracking up, and finally, is there no one in the Republican party team who put this event together with a little marketing experience? Teabagging? Really?

Big, big thanks to Sarah Morgan for posting this on her site.

House, smokin’ kitties, and a long-awaited film

hugh-laurie-new-movieI confess – I’m a House fan. Weird when you consider I have to avert my eyes each time one of those long silver needles stabs into a patient’s back for yet another lumbar puncture (which seems to happen every friggin’ show) because I’m kind of a girl that way. It makes my stomach clench just thinking about it.

At any rate, one of the show’s writers/producers, Doris Egan, just knocks my socks off. I first stumbled onto her work while getting up to speed on the writer’s strike last year. Everyone seemed to have something to say about it, one way or another, but it wasn’t until I followed a link, then another, and finally another, that Egan’s blog appeared in my window and I started to really wrap my mind around what was going on.

I know the strike is over (although the issues clearly aren’t) but if the topic is at all interesting to you take a few minutes and read her post about it here. It’s not short, but I promise you’ll come away thinking.

Months later, and well into the presidential campaign, she wrote about audience participation and the political process. Don’t worry – it’s not a political post – but rather offers some really interesting questions and observations through the lens of television production. You can find that post here.

That covers House. Smokin’ kitties and a long-awaited film to follow…

Ice Cube was right – today was a good day

It was an odd morning. Thanks to a 21mg nicotine patch worn around the clock sleep has been, well, interesting. More than two weeks of active dreams, fitful sleep, and lots of staring at the ceiling in the wee hours of the night have left me feeling more than a little washed-out and punchy.

But the dreams have been cool, too. Last nights’ starred my old boss (now happily chugging away at a new gig) who gave me my end of year review using riddles and a rather odd mind-map. Knowing the man, I’m certain that if it was actually his company that kind of review wouldn’t be entirely out of the question.

He then invited me to watch then President-elect Obama’s inaugural ceremony and we stepped out of an office into a basketball gym and then into a pretty day. Not sure what that last bit was about – I can’t dribble to save my life – but I woke up singing/whispering, “Yes. We. Can.”

I was pretty excited about today, is what I’m saying.

Throughout my shower, lacing up my shoes, and over and around spoonfuls of cereal, I was humming along with that lovely tune in my head. In fact, I was singing along…And a King that led us to a mountaintop… right up to the point I was rear-ended on the way to work.

So now I have a dented car, a throbbing headache (coupled with the thinness from little sleep and it feels a little like Codine to me, and I enjoy Codine about as much as I do mucking out a latrine in the desert) but I’m still smiling. Wide and happy, I’m still smiling, and haven’t really stopped since I arrived this morning.

I’m glad you’re here, Mr. President.

Why I don’t understand some Republicans, part two

I went through my day yesterday, writing and reading, organizing and checking off my to-dos, and just couldn’t get the ridiculous bumper sticker mentioned in my last post out of my mind. Those eight words would randomly float to the surface of my mind, coming into focus like the title sequence of “Lost,” and I think I ended the day with a permanent crease between my brows from grimacing.

Thinking about it last night, I remembered a video my brother-in-law turned me on to during one of our marathon drinks, music, and endless stars sessions on just about the best patio ever. So once my two favorite ladies were warm and asleep I sat down in our office, tapped this and that on the keyboard, and then leaned back and watched it a few times. Wouldn’t you know, that little crease just about disappeared.

You may have seen this before, but if you haven’t, take the four minutes and watch it. If you’re anit-Obama, I ask that you really watch it and instead focus on the message. Chances are I’ll never meet that knuckle-head in the SUV, but if ever I do, I’d like to tell him I believe hope has the power to do everything.

Another reason I just don’t understand some Republicans

Okay, so the election is over, my guys won, and I’m floating in a sea of political bliss. But.

We’ve now arrived at the time when I, you, and anyone else even marginally invested in the process need to become ardent critics of the Obama administration. I say “critic” and mean not that it’s time to moan, complain, and ridiculously pick and jab. Rather, it’s time to rationally and intelligently question decisions, search for verification and truth, and to hold our President accountable for promises made over the course of this insanely long campaign. In  other words, all the things President Bush calls us unpatriotic for doing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to doing so. Mostly because I think, I hope, that he’ll do the right thing. That he won’t be dishonest. He won’t consider might the keystone of leadership. He’ll hold true to the beliefs and ideals that inspired so many of us. In a word, that he, through policy, leadership, and thoughtfulness, continues to give the country hope.

Which brings me to the title of today’s post. Driving home yesterday, on the back window of a large SUV directly in front of me, I saw the following sticker:


Fair enough – nothing weird or out of the ordinary wanting to support your candidate. But in large bold letters directly below it, another sticker read the following:


So I ask this (Republicans, please chime in and help me here): political ideology aside, just what the hell kind of person actually believes that?