Time to exhale

So, Monday morning and Ike has now left the building. According to this article, Ike was a hurricane for a whopping 9 days and 21 hours and CNN, as of this morning, is reporting 13 Ike-related deaths. And while that number is sure to rise, electricity and water is still unavailable for most, and damages to homes and businesses are speculated to reach into the billions (18 billion by this account), most of the folks I talked to over the weekend came out of the storm more or less intact. In fact, of the  dozen or so family members or friends that live in the Houston area, only one had any real damage to their house. And, luckily, that was minimal. Everyone, on the other hand, is missing either a part or all of their fence. So it goes.  

For those of us in Austin, inclement weather consisted of a canopy of dark, scary looking clouds that did absolutely nothing but hang out, look dark and scary for a bit, then leave. Seems we were lucky, too.

So what was different from Katrina? The storm itself, surely, but what else? Was communication better? Were the processes more dialed-out? Considering there are still areas emergency and relief crews can’t reach this might be a premature conversation, but I’d like to hear what you think. Especially if you were one of those who stayed to ride it out.

 photo  by pixthree